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Rebecca Hazard

Contemporary Artist , Auckland , New Zealand

Rebecca is a young artist, whose practice currently explores 'Meat' and its objectification of both life and death's essence through the medium of oil paint. 


In 2017 Rebecca attended the 'Rome Art Program' for a summer period, during 13 months of travel around Europe. Respectively, her works are often inspired by this overseas experience, mixed with New Zealand's environment, which heavily embodies nature and her own social concerns. 


Artist on 'Meat' - 

'Crafted for consumption and usually viewed insensitively, meat lays alongside insects in a visual eulogy, accentuating its natural beauty in alleviation of being an object of ‘food’ expenditure. Forced to reconsider meat beyond its surface perception, it becomes a thing in the inevitable of life and death much like ourselves. '



2019 - Solo Exhibition, Arthaus - 'Visual Eulogy'

2019- Group Show, Comet Project Space - 'Salon des Refuse'




2018- Finalist in The Wallace Art Awards

2018- National Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Waikato Museum

2016- Winner of 'Waitakere Arts Trust Awards' - Youth Art Section 

2016- Finalist in Wallace Art Secondary School Awards

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