Rebecca Hazard

Contemporary Artist , Auckland , New Zealand

Rebecca is an Auckland based arist, whose practice currently explores ' Raw Meat'  through the medium of oil paint. 


In 2017 Rebecca attended the 'Rome Art Program' for a summer period, during 13 months of travel around Europe. Since 2018, Rebecca has resided in Auckland, NZ. She is currently a resident artist at Arthaus Orakei. 


Artist on 'Meat' - 

Meat poses for portrait, accentuating its natural beauty and alleviating itself as an object of food expenditure. A being in the inevitable of life and death much like ourselves, meat offers a reconsideration of humans in respect to nature and the uneasy embrace of death through its visual beauty.



2020- 'State of Being', solo show at Arthaus Orakei

2019- 'Revolve' , Group Exhibition at Arthaus

2019 - Solo Exhibition, Arthaus - 'Visual Eulogy'

2019- Group Show, Comet Project Space - 'Salon des Refuse'




2019 - Merit Award- National Contemporary Youth Award, Artspost

2018- Finalist in The Wallace Art Awards

2018- National Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Waikato Museum

2016- Winner of 'Waitakere Arts Trust Awards' - Youth Art Section 

2016- Finalist in Wallace Art Secondary School Awards


Interview with Art Edit Magazine - 'In studio with Rebecca Hazard'